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    Lot Area

    Floor Area

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    50 sq.m.

    60 sq.m.

    Php 1,579,200.00

    In-House and Bank

    Completely finished 2 storey townhouse with 2 T&B, kitchen, living & dining area, 3 bedrooms, provision for 1 car garage and with balcony.

  • Description

    Thea Townhouse Model is the top-of-the-line townhouse model in Westwood Village and located in Lancaster New City Cavite. It has a floor area of 60 s.qm. and a minimum lot area of 50 s.qm. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 toilets & baths and areas for living, kitchen, and dining. It has provision for 1 carports and with balcony. Thea Townhouse dress-up provision  is a contemporary London style, comfortable and elegant, it provides all lot space to breath and move around.

  • Specification

    Your Turn-over Unit Includes:

    • Townhouse 2-storey

    • Pre-painted GI Sheet Roofing

    • Steel-Casement Windows

    • Painted plain cement finish for exterior and interior walls

    • Tiled kitchen counter with stainless kitchen sink

    • Tiled Toilet and Bath with Complete Set of Bathroom Fixtures (Including Tissue and Soap Holder)

    • Plain cement Flooring for Living, Dining, and Kitchen Area

    • Plain cement Flooring for Bedrooms, Hallway, and Staircase

    • Provision for CATV, Telephone, and Air Condition Outlet

Room Dimensions:

Ground Floor


Kitchen, Dining, Living Area

Bedroom 1

Toilet and Bath (G/F)








15.40 sq.m

  7.50 sq.m.

  2.30 sq.m.

2nd Floor


Bedroom 2

Masters Bedroom

Toilet and Bath (2/F)










   9.90 sq.m.

10.40 sq.m.

  3.10 sq.m.

  8.60 sq.m

       SOLD OUT

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